Rafael Morales

Co-Host of The Beauty Ever New Podcast

Rafael Morales is a graduate of the University of Houston. A parishioner of Holy Rosary in Houston, where he lives with his wife and three children. He is a church and school architect with Jackson and Ryan Architects.

Call me Rafa, that’s what my family calls me. Along with Chris, I host the Beauty Ever New podcast. There are three things you need to know about me. The first is that I was born in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato and spent the majority of my formative years in Mexico. Growing up I experienced the complex beauty of a country full of stark contrasts. Immense beauty in its natural and man made landscapes, mixed with great hardship and frustration in its people. Mexico left me with an indelible mark that tints the lens through which I view life. The second is that I moved to the U.S. when I was ten and now have spent the majority of my life in the states. This country has given me everything; an education, a beautiful wife and family along with endless opportunity. The third is that the constant in my life, unimpeded by borders, is my Catholic faith. This is the great song that spans and unites my whole life, my fire, my meaning, my purpose.

The Church has suffered tremendous setbacks in the last few decades, bringing it perilously close to the edge of moral bankruptcy in the eyes of many. From scandals, to inadequate responses to contemporary issues, to an inability to captivate and stir the hearts of men. As Catholics we have to begin from a full acknowledgment of what has happened, a collective examination of conscience as to how we got here. Then as St. Jose Maria would say, let us begin again. Begin to craft a renewed vision for a Church with an eternal message. Begin again every day, in how we live and in how we use the talents God gave us to make him present to those around us. Our time is one in which the church needs to reach a culture held hostage by relentless indifference. I feel that the Lord is calling me to act now. This podcast, among other efforts is my response. Ever since I was little I loved to think about how things could be. How could I change things for the better. This curiosity translated in adulthood, into architecture. This is my jumping off point for doing my part to renew the Church.

I grew up seeing the splendour of Mexican colonial architecture, from the small town church to the great regional Cathedrals. Beauty was something that was available to all and that rightly oriented people to the worship of God. The United States does not have the same architectural patrimony, especially in our beloved city of Houston, we favor the new and swiftly knock down the old. This combined with an insatiable appetite for fast growth, yielded a huge building boom of churches. In the post war years, churches took on all manner of shapes and sizes, in many cases completely departing from any reference to historical models. The results were far from convincing, the landscape is now dotted with tired, outdated buildings that seldom inspire an appropriate sense of beauty and awe. I grew up going to a church like this in a mediocre building but yet, full of wonderful people. Every Sunday I wondered how I could make it better, what could we do so the building reflected the beauty of the faith and its people? This question carried me into the profession and I have chosen to dedicate myself to the renewal of church architecture.

The answer to this question is complex, because good architecture is the coordination of hundreds of decisions and compromises towards a desired end. To begin we have to ask many questions and explore many possibilities. The world is changing fast, architecture moves slow, so we have to always think several steps ahead, ask the questions of tomorrow. This podcast is the avenue that we will use to ask questions, explore many solutions and God-willing provide real, tangible improvements to the design of our churches.

My partner in crime is Chris Duffel. A man that I met by Divine “chance” and found in him a great friend that shares a deep passion for his faith and a desire to improve churches to reflect the beauty of Catholicism. He brings talents that I do not have, an energy that is unstoppable and a torrent of great ideas that I struggle to keep up with. The quality that I most admire is his integrity and kind heart, he is a man of true conviction. I thank God for the opportunity to work together with him on a variety of projects and especially in this space.

Rafael Morales has hosted 23 Episodes.