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Renewing Culture through Catholic Art and Architecture

3: The Power of Music - Show Notes

  1. Polyphony flourished in the musical culture of the Renaissance.
  2. Pythagoras was the first to describe the nature of sound and our relationship to it.
  3. Holy Rosary Parish where Samuel performs.
  4. Example of sheet music composed in the middle ages.
  5. Gregorian chant and polyphony were best expressed as they reverberated in the awesome volume of the great cathedrals of Europe.


[00:02:07] Introductions
[00:02:30] Samuels on his work
[00:05:16] How did music change from antiquity to the Middle Ages?
[00:05:50] Dr. Kenneth Clark - Civilization - more
[00:08:04] Pythagoras - sound exists in proportion - more
[00:11:28] How did music change pre and post polyphony?
[00:13:20] The miracle of christianity
[00:16:00] How did the incarnation change music?
[00:17:27] Christopher west quote
[00:18:56] Who is the Michael jordan of music?
[00:22:13] Samuel's favorite band
[00:23:29] On Music and memory
[00:30:10] Chant inspired everything
[00:36:14] Architecture, music and memory in liturgy
[00:40:23] Mosquito truck
[00:42:02] Anamnesis - more
[00:46:00] Music and identity
[00:47:45] Contact for samuel

Lord Kenneth Clark Civilization series - get it here
Example of polyphonic signing - listen
Another example of polyphonic singing - listen
George Orwell on Chartres Cathedral - It's just cool - watch
Samuel's program - find it here