The Beauty Ever New Podcast

Renewing Culture through Catholic Art and Architecture

An Introduction - Show Notes

In this first episode of the Beauty Ever New Podcast we introduce our hosts, Rafael and Chris, outline the hopes and aspirations of the podcast and chart a path for what we hope will be a great conversation. Please find below an outline of the show with relevant references and links:

[0:00] Paul Claudel
Book Reference from Paul Claudel: The Man and the Mystic by Louis Chaigne
Who was Paul Claudel?

[4:06] Intellectual Foundations of the podcast
What we are about

[4:36] The spirituality of the artist
Letter Reference from Letter of his Holiness Pope John Paul II to Artists
Reference quote below:

"There is therefore an ethic, even a “spirituality” of artistic service, which contributes in its way to the life and renewal of a people."

Letter to Artists (BEN Recommended)

[12:15] The saving of Notre Dame
Book Reference of Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo
Image below: Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris

[17:00] Benedict XVI Theology and the Future of Architecture
Book Reference from Last Testament by Benedit XVI with Peter Seewald

Last Testament (BEN Recommended)

[26:38] Steve Jobs and music
Book Reference from Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Reference quote below:

"There was one classic musician Jobs revered both as a person and a performer: Yo-Yo Ma, the versatile virtuoso who is as sweet and profound as the tones he creates on his cello. They had met in 1981, when Jobs was at the Aspen Design Conference and Ma was at the Aspen Music Festival. Jobs tended to be deeply moved by artists who displayed purity, and he became a fan. He invited Ma to play at his wedding, but he was out of the country on tour. He came by the Jobs house a few years later, sat in the living room, pulled out his 1733 Stradivarius cello, and played Bach. "This is what I would have played for your wedding," he told them. Jobs teared up and told him, "You playing is the best argument I've ever heard for the existence of God, because I don't really believe a human alone can do this." On a subsequent visit Ma allowed Jobs's daughter Erin to hold the cello while they sat around the kitchen. By that time Jobs had been struck by cancer, and he made Ma promise to play at his funeral."

Steve Jobs (BEN Recommended book)

[33:14] John Senior andthe Poetic Mode of Knowledge
Book Reference from John Senior and the Restoration of Realism by Father Francis OSB

John Senior and the Restoration of Realism (BEN Recommended book)

[37:10] Happy are you Poor
Happy are you Poor

Thanks again for listening!