The Beauty Ever New Podcast

Renewing Culture through Catholic Art and Architecture

6: Homemade Zombies - Show Notes

Images above :
Ryan's ceramic work, Ryan's childhood home entrance and architectural drawings, Ora Et Labora Et Zombies, and Boston Ave. Methodist Church, Ryan's church growing up.

01:22 Introduction
02:40 On being a Catholic (fill in type of artists here).
03:35 Crucifixes on ice-cream bowls
06:55 Intro to Ora Et Labora Et Zombies - Zombie Love letters !!!
22:00 Why pottery?
27:00 On the translation from drawing to building in architecture
29:30 On growing up in a beautiful house designed by an architect and the impact that had on Ryan’s childhood.
40:00 An architectural love letter
45:00 Architecture and Memory
48:50 Find Ryan @paterfamilias on twitter