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About The Beauty Ever New Podcast

To restore beauty as an integral part of Catholic Church design through conversations with architects, artists, musicians and people of good will.

Our Church faces many challenges today. From an increasing hostility to the idea of revealed truth, to a total indifference towards the eternal message of the Gospel. Today it seems we face a culture that is happy to move on from the life saving message of Christ. So what do we do? Where do we go from here?

Many voices in the church today are clamoring for a reawakening of beauty. Beauty, as one of the three transcendentals along with Truth and Goodness, is seen as a way to pierce through the hardened hearts of our culture. It is said that Beauty has a seductive power that allows the mind to see the world as it really is, and through it, be opened to Truth and Goodness. We couldn't agree more!

As architects we believe in the power of Beauty. Through our own experience and through our work, we see how beauty can indeed be a vehicle to see God. This becomes all the more apparent in the design and construction of churches. For decades we have been living with an impoverished experience of the liturgy. Plain, uninspiring buildings have become stumbling blocks in our ability to see the Mass for what it truly is, a foretaste of heaven, where we join in adoration with all the angels and saints. We feel called to do our part in the restoration of beauty as a necessary part of any church design.

To this end, we are starting this podcast rooted in three core values. First, we acknowledge that beauty is a high and difficult standard that takes humble dedication. Second, that beauty should be born from a deep spiritual life.  Third, that the tradition of the Catholic Church provides a wellspring of material and inspiration.

Our conversation will be centered around people from all walks of life, who are actively working to bring forth Beauty in the church. They are artists of all kinds, musicians, fundraisers, contractors, writers, directors, scholars, and much more. Each one of them will share their story, who they are, how they pray and how they go about fulfilling the patient work they are called to do.

If you are a seminarian, a priest or bishop, a committee member in your parish, or a parishioner who wonders Sunday after Sunday, why the church looks a certain way, then we hope you will join us, this podcast is made for you.

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