Episode 2

What Happened in Kansas?


January 18th, 2019

41 mins 42 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Our lives have become buried under the weight of constant distraction, so much so that we have lost the ability to fully appreciate the True the Good and the Beautiful. If we are to reclaim our ability to design and experience beauty, then we have to reconnect with our ability for wonder. John Senior, a legendary educator, knew this better than anyone. Along with two other professors he founded the Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas, a program that above all, was an immersion in what it means to be human. The program was wildly successful and led students on a search for Truth through wonder and beauty. Join us as we talk with Joseph Leaño about Fr. Francis Bethel's book, John Senior and the Restoration of the Real and learn how John Senior and the IHP revolutionized education and led to many fruitful conversions that still nourish the Church today.

Check out the episode show notes: https://beautyevernew.com/articles/kansas